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Why branding is important?

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Branding is a powerful tool in our business. It is important to think about how people perceive you.  Branding is the creation of an impression about you and your business.  

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What’s Your Brand?

The key factor in branding on the most basic level for your real estate business is at the level where home buyers and sellers live and work. Your website plays a vital role in projecting your brand and your service.

Having a MLS® Reciprocity website with relevant local real estate news and your service helps to position you as the local go-to expert for real estate services.

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All agents who have a strong brand build their reputation over several years. They are known to have very strong ethics, responsive and respectful of their clients’ needs. Clients who come to them for help are treated with respect and their questions attended to promptly. They follow up to ensure that their clients come away happy and satisfied that their needs have been taken care of.


Below are 5 steps to give you a great start in branding your service

  • KNOWING  your stuff. In real estate knowing your market and product give you the confidence to speak to your customers with authority. When you work in a niche market and become good at your neighborhood that you work, you become the expert for the area. You religiously track all the new listings, price reduction, expiry and sold listings and have the most up-to-date information in your area.
  • Know where you stand now. Are you the one that home buyers and sellers think of when they are buying or selling their homes? If it’s not you that they are thinking, you are not there yet! You need to think of “How to make you stand out compared to other real estate agents in your area?”
  • What’s your message? What do you want your customers to know about you? How you want to define yourself… and what is the message you want to send to your buyers and sellers? Define your theme  and promote that theme with all your resources to make it Your Brand.
  • Define your Niche. When you are the expert in your niche market, your neighborhood or market segment, marketing your brand will help to create help to draw customers to you. When home buyers and sellers are looking for help, they come to you for help to solve their problems.
  • Be Everywhere. Use the internet to promote your service. The internet is the most cost-effective medium to get maximum exposure. Social media and forums are increasingly used by real estate agents to promote their Brand.

Anyone can become the preferred choice for home buyers and sellers by solving their real estate needs. Attention to details and working for customers’ best interest will help in building a strong Brand for your business.

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