Why Blogging?

Why you need  to have your blog site?

A blog lets you make regular updates to your website. Your blog posts provide helpful information to your readers, and share news and developments on your real estate market. Ultimately, you want your website to help you make more sales. You want the people who read your blog to buy from you. Most websites now have a blog page you can use to publicize your services and the market.

You blog can get you the full SEO benefit and bring you online traffic to your site. As far as Google is concerned, your blog’s contents buttress your website to make it relevant for online visitors when they search for info your website is presenting. Google likes websites that are update frequently. Websites that aren’t left to stagnate, and that provide relevant and up-to-date content. In real estate when listings and real estate information change frequently, regular updates are critical to your site ranking on top of Google Search. Here are some great articles about Blogging and how you can get more business through Blogging.

Your blog helps and allows you to generate new content as often as you like, whether this is daily, weekly, or less often.
If your blog is on your website, or your blog helps to drive online traffic to your website. You blog could help you rank for a whole host of long-tail phrases, answer questions online visitors may have, and post useful current and relevant info readers like to read.

How to build your website or blogsite?

You may want to consider a low cost blog site like wordpress. You can read more about building a website – youtube channel, and when you are ready to have your own website/blogsite, you can watch the tutorials posted by bluehost.com here.

There are a lot of info to learn, but this is worth it. You can introduce yourself to online home buyers and sellers, and provide up-to-date real estate info to your online visitors.

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