Survey Report

Survey Result On Use Of Websites By Home Buyers And Sellers

If a similar survey is done in Canada, we probably have the same response.

In the US, a survey done by The National Association of REALTORS® in the US published a few years ago, reported that:

  • More than 80% of home buyers found photos and detailed information about the property very useful when searching for a home.
  • 63% of buyers finding virtual or video tours of the properties very useful.
  • First-time and repeat buyers agreed that websites provided them the greatest value in their home search.
  • 60% of home buyers used multiple listing service (MLS®) websites.
  • Buyers also frequently use Real Estate Company and real estate agent websites.
  • The least useful features include upcoming open houses or recently sold properties.

With more 90% of people searching for real estate information online, agents without websites are missing the opportunities to connect with prospective clients!

Reasons for not having a website

Agents that don’t have one say they don’t have the time, think it will cost too much or think it is too difficult to learn how to properly manage one. The truth is, IDX or Reciprocity MLS® websites are very affordable, and it is easy to learn how to market their services using the internet.

But for agents who have jumped to the digital side say their websites have boosted sales, cut down on time-consuming phone calls and brought them more business.

You can get started getting a Reciprocity website to market your business online. View detailed info here and view sample real estate website for Burnaby and East Vancouver.

What is IDX or MLS® Reciprocity?

Reciprocity and IDX are strange sounding words for the consumer. They are terms used by the real estate boards and technical people who are looking after properties that are listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service® or MLS® in short. In laymen term, it is refer to the sharing of property listing information by members of the real estate boards.

The system levels the playing field – even the smallest guy with few listings of his own, can have all the Board’s listings on his website!

The display of the MLS® listing information is meant to provide sufficient info about the properties for sale. A MLS® Reciprocity website provides an his/her  own branded website with a complete list of homes for sale on the MLS® System. These homes are linked back to the agent b y email.

ABL Reciprocity Website

Any real estate agent can get his/her MLS® Reciprocity website for a one-time fee of just $150, and pay a nominal monthly hosting fee for the data feed. For a modest yearly hosting (subscription) fee of less than $300 a year, an agent can have a tool that can earn him tens of thousands of dollars each year!

The website not only provides ‘Branding’ to promote an agent’s service as the ‘go-to real estate expert‘, it represents the voice for the agent. It can be an effective pre-selling tool to warm up a relationship, and to win trust of customers. When use effectively, your website attracts potential prospects who can be valuable customers for your business.

If you are not getting regular leads from your website, you don’t have a presence online. Whatever your situation, you can make changes to leverage the power of the internet.

When online visitors like using your website, they will connect with you to inquire on homes they are interested.

What’s next?

If you are serious in adding tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commission to your business, you can start right here, right now.

  1. Get a MLS® Reciprocity website if you don’t have one, or if you are not getting weekly leads from your website.
  2. We can help you to improve your online presence and attract customers to your website.

You can spend tons of money on Google Adwords advertising on ‘Pay Per Click’ or any such similar services to get traffic to your website. Or, you can learn to get traffic to your website through Organic Search or ‘Long-Tail Marketing’. Such traffic is FREE, and the quality of the leads are much better than advertising to get traffic to your website.

We can help

1) Do-It-YourselfABL Homelist is dedicated to coaching and helping agents to learn the finer techniques on ranking on Page One of Google keywords search. There are workshops and meet-up sessions for members to learn marketing online and ‘Organic Search Marketing’.

2) We Do It For You – We look after all the back-end needs to promote and update your website. The extra monthly cost to build traffic for your website is $250 a month for the first 2 months (30 custom webpages and articles), and $50 a month ‘pay-as-you-go’ (including 5 postings each month) maintenance service.