Geographic farming for your real estate SEO

An article posted by Tyler Zey, Mar 16 2015

Real estate SEO isn’t easy; I don’t care which expert you hire.

The growing trend with most Web searchers is to target the specific geographic neighborhood, district or area where they want to live.

You can specialize in particular neighborhoods and quickly rank highly on Google for the uncompetitive searches related to those neighborhoods.

This means they are more demanding when it comes to selecting their real estate agent.

Who do you trust more to make your coffee: Starbucks or the local diner? Probably Starbucks, because it’s the coffee specialist, and the diner is more of a generalist.

Potential Web-searching clients want to do business with the real estate agent who appears to be the specialist in their specific location.

The good news is that it is still relatively easy to rank high on Google for neighborhoods and districts in most cities.

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