How many websites should you have?

Multiple websites help to drive online traffic

Keeping just one site for your real estate business will likely limit your ability to drive more online traffic to you. No matter how good a MLS® Reciprocity website, there are inherent limitations to the architect and display of information on such a site. The sole purpose of a MLS® Reciprocity website is to capture online leads when online visitors browse your reciprocity website for property information. If you are marketing your real estate business online, you need a good MLS® Reciprocity site with leads capture capability.

ABL MLS Reciprocity IDX websiteAlthough a MLS® Reciprocity has a blogging function, it lacks the flexibility and capability of a blog site in boosting the visibility of your reciprocity website.  A separate blog site will give you more flexibility to brand yourself and drive traffic to your MLS® Reciprocity website. A low cost MLS® Reciprocity is available from at prices from $35.00 a month. There is a group discount for Multiple Group’s agents who are getting a package deal at just $25.00 a month for hosting.

Secondary websites

The goal for your secondary websites is to work in conjunction with your MLS reciprocity website by driving online traffic to your reciprocity website. These secondary sites serve as “landing page” or “blog website” that help to drive online traffic to your MLS® Reciprocity website. A blog site with a carefully chosen domain name and use of “relevant key words” helps tremendously to boost the search ranking of your webpages. You can learn more about “leads generation” by reading some of the articles on Real Estate Tomato, and why blogging is a proven method for online leads generation.

You should limit the number of websites to avoid spreading your attention too thin and lose focus on achieving “Google page one ranking” for your posts. Serious agents create sites that are useful and fill them with information online visitors like to be informed and educated. Creating average sites will not help your business and it will be just a waste of time. If your websites is not outstanding and lack useful information online visitors are seeking, you’ll hardly get noticed.

Using WordPress for blog sites

You can get a “Free Domain” and a hosting account through Bluehost or any other webhosts for less than $100 a year. These webhosts allow you to add other domains and have them hosted as add-on domains with no extra charge. Your extra cost may be the cost to pay for the extra domains.

A blog has certain features that you generally don’t see on other formats of websites. On a blog site, content is arranged chronologically as the primary organizational structure, like a diary. A blog usually offers additional ways to view the content – grouped into Categories and Tags. A visitor viewing the posts will be able to easily and quickly access other posts through the navigation links of the blog website.

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