Marketing Real Estate Online – Part One

Online Marketing

Online marketing is also referred to as ‘Internet Marketing’.  Marketing your real estate service online is about using the internet as a marketing tool. You can project your brand and communicate to your audience using the internet.

Your website  holds the contents and it is your mouth piece telling online visitors who you are, your experience and expertise.

Your goal for marketing online is to make connection with your customers.

Prospective home buyers and sellers are looking for real estate news and updates, and most are strongly motivated by their desire to find homes that fit their needs.

They are interested to find information about the real estate market and homes that are for sale in their areas. Hence, your website should provide them the info they are looking – MLS® listings, latest housing reports, market trend, etc.

Real Estate Reciprocity (IDX) Website

Reciprocity is a term used for “sharing of information about properties with other brokers who may represent potential buyers or wish to cooperate with a seller’s broker in finding a buyer for the property”.  In BC, the MLS® listings approved by the local real estate boards for use by the public is a simplified version of  homes listed for sale on the MLS® System. In the US, the display of home listings is referred to Internet Data Exchange (IDX) – a real estate property search site which allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service properties.

Knowing how to use your MLS® Reciprocity website is the key to marketing online. An effective website generates new leads and new business.

Websites like, and are not designed to provide the information online visitors are looking. On the other hand,  real estate websites by MyRealPage, Pixilink, Ubertor, Realtyninja, ABLWeb, etc are designed for use by real estate agents as a marketing tool.  The public can view property listing information, photos/videos and the locations of properties for sale using an agent’s MLS® Reciprocity website.

These websites are paid services and the listings on their websites are designed to have an embedded inquiry form linking each listing to the agent by email.

Leveraging The Power Of The Internet

Marketing real estate onlineAny real estate agent can own a MLS® Reciprocity website (or multiple websites) which allow a buyer to find homes for sale on the MLS® System.  The easier and quicker your website can help prospective buyers or sellers find the homes they are looking, the better experience they get using your website.

A home buyer who is interested to find a single family detached home say in Vancouver East, has a price in mind and he may also be interested to find homes for sale in certain neighborhoods.

You can use the MLS® websites from the following BC vendors to find a list of single family detached homes under $1.0 million in Killarney and Fraserview:

  1. Pixilink – hosting fee $45 per month
  2. MyRealPage – hosting fee $50 per month
  3. Ubertor – hosting fee $37 to $77 per month
  4. RealtyNinja – hosting fee $69 per month
  5. ABLWeb – hosting fee $25 to $35 per month

The ideal website you want to use as your marketing tool must deliver superior customer experience. A great website will attract and retain consumers leading to higher success rates for new leads.

ABL’s Property Search

ABL’s Home Page as shown in this example, is designed to guide online visitors to use the “Property Search” box (below the header banner) to search homes for sale on the MLS® System. The price filter is the most used filter and sometimes the only filter required to find homes for sale.

When the “Search” button is clicked, a list of 20 homes (filtered according to the search criteria) is displayed on each page. The the green “Property Details” button when clicked display the property info including photos and the location  of the property – as shown in the example here.  The green “Contact Us About This Property” button is the contact form linked to your email.

The left navigation is another quick and easy way for an online visitor to find homes for sale in a city.

Our next segment on “Marketing Real Estate Online 101 – Part Two”  will discuss the other two (2) search functions.

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