Marketing Real Estate Online – Part Three

Branding Your Real Estate Website

Internet marketing is more than Search functionality. Your website allows you to promote Your Brand and Your Service… it is about telling your story.

There are tons of real estate websites out there that have built-in Internet Data Exchanges (IDXs) intended to capture leads. Many of these template websites may look great, but promoting Your Brand and to be able to get customers to connect to you is another matter. Here is a short video  – “A Website Worth Having“.

Two Essential Features

Many agent’s websites do not focus on the 2 most important aspects of their business:

a)  Who is behind the website – Beside having an “about us” page, many agents are not making full use of their websites to highlight their services and their special skills.

b)  Fail to provide third party endorsements – Success stories and testimonials from satisfied clients are great third party endorsements that can pre-sell your service to home buyers and sellers.

Growing Your Website Presence

Having an IDX website is not enough in today’s market place. The market is flooded with IDX websites; some better than the other. Most agents won’t get the results they are seeking with their IDX websites. Good agents who have very strong online presence spend money on their websites. Most can’t afford to build a $2,500 website and have the time and knowledge to market their services online.

Luckily the solution is at hand… Web design sites have evolved over the years. When clients, leads or random Internet visitors find your agent-branded website, they will see your photo, team logo or slogan. These sites look like a expensive custom-built websites costing over $2,500.

There are many of WordPress’s websites like Elegant Themes, Theme Forest and many other sites you can use. Squarespace is another site that offers templates that allow you to have more freedom to project your presence online. They have built-in search engine optimization (SEO), and they let you customize the site to fit your business, your style, your comfort. View comparison between WordPress themes and Squarespace here. Such great looking websites can be had for just $20 per month.

You are free to promote your business and not having to pay for a single cent of advertising. Your can put on a new listing which resides in the “our homes” section of the site. You can have a beautiful gallery where readers can find every listing you have sold.

Directing Traffic To Your IDX Website

Every single blog/post/article you put on your website helps with your SEO and increase your chances of getting online traffic to your website. Every time you mention your local real estate, the neighborhoods where you live, it helps to grow your presence online.

By linking your website to your IDX website, you will start to get online leads from prospective home buyers and sellers. You can grow your traffic with blogging, updating your listings, updating the front page and text, and adding new features to the site like tips on home financing, mortgage options, home buying tips, etc.

Everything you do should link back to your website. If you have a new listing, hosting an open house, announcing the sale of a home, a dedicated page for it is created on the website. The webpage link when shared on Facebook, Google + or Twitter, will help to grow your online presence.

Your site helps to  differentiate you from other agents in your area. Agents who are only using their IDX websites as their agent-branded websites will lose out to agents who have their agent -branded websites when competing to get the attention of buyers and sellers. Online customers are looking for easy to use  IDX search tool.  It’s time to show them the agent behind the website, and explain why you are the best agent for them.

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