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MLS® Websites For Your Business

Marketing real estate onlineInternet marketing  for your real estate business refers to advertising and marketing efforts using the internet to reach out and connect with consumers.

Successful real estate agents use the internet and to market their services to their customers in addition to using print media like newsletters, local real estate papers, and real estate flyers to re-affirm their presence in their local markets.

The Internet As A Marketing Tool

You can own your MLS® IDX real estate website to fulfill the needs of home buyers and sellers for real estate information.

Consumers want a real estate website that is easy to use and allows them finding homes for sale quickly” 

For a consumer, it is about the experience… it boils down to Vancouver Homelisthow easy to find homes that are listed for sale on the MLS® System.

Below are the local IDX website vendors who provide real estate websites to REALTORS®. These websites provide property listings home buyers can search to find the homes they want to buy.

  1. Pixilink – hosting fee: $45 per month, or $540 a year.
  2. MyRealPage – hosting fee: $50 per month, or $600 a year.
  3. Ubertor – hosting fee: $37 to $77 per month, or $444 to $924 a year.
  4. RealtyNinja – hosting fee: $69 per month, or $897 a year
  5. ABL-Web – hosting fee: from $249 (yearly prepaid)

There are 3 other popular websites consumers use to find homes for sale.

  1. – Free
  2. – Free
  3. – Free

If you like to have more about ABL’s Website kindly contact James Wong at 604-721-4817.

*The prices as quoted above are from available sources posted online. Readers are advised to do their own investigation to determine the accuracy of the info provided. 

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