Online Traffic

Tracking your online traffic

Google analytics or some other website traffic tool will allow you to know how many online visitors come to your website. The chart below is a summary of the daily unique online visitors from May 8 to June 5th, 2014 using my website at to look for MLS® listings. You will start to get regular leads once your daily visitor counts reach 200 a day.

Building traffic and attracting customers

Having a “sticky website” and getting online visitors have to work together before you start to get online leads from your website. Driving visitors to your website through “pay-per-click”, banner ads, and other online services are costly and may not be cost effective in getting the quality leads you want.

The most cost effective method in getting online traffic is to draw customers to your website. Organic Search Engine Optimisation is the use of relevant key words or phrases in your articles or posts. Well written articles or reports helps to attract interested home buyers and sellers to your website. The built-in form on each of the MLS® listing is designed to connect your online visitors to you when they ask for more info about certain properties, or request for a showing. See example of a working MLS® website here.

If you like to have more information on internet marketing to expand your real estate business, you are welcome to contact James Wong at 604-721-4817.

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