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Local Marketing

real estate near Skytrain stations in RichmondA real estate agents who is in touch with the local community stands a better chance to connect with home buyers and sellers from the community. This is crucial as prospective buyers who are new in the neighborhood will seeek out local agents in the community. If you connect with these prospective buyers and show them the best homes, you a likely able to sell them the homes they like.

Majority of the consumers are using the internet to search homes by searching local places. As a real estate agent, you need to know your neighborhoods.

Here are 3 easy ways to get connected with the local customers:

1) local Presence

Being involved and active in the community helps to raise your profile in the community that your are not just one of the dmany real estate agents in your community. Volunteering and participating in local events can enhance your image and visibility, thereby increasing the benefits of sales.

2) Local information

Posting local information and happenings on your social media pages help as Google’s recent study revealed that most customers like to get their search results adapted to their needs. They are interested to know real estate related info and reports that they can read through social media. Local events like farmers’ markets, community sponsored shows/concerts, seminars etc.

3) Local advertising

Whether it is a display advertising in elevators of multi-family strata buildings, bus benches, shopping carts, etc. such exposures help to reinforce your other advertising messages. Having your own website with easily searchable homes for sale in your neighborhood is cost effective and allows you to target and send relevant messages to buyers and sellers in your neighborhood.

If you don’t have a website, ABL Homelist can help you build your very own real estate website in minutes! View sample theme site here.

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