Selling Properties Online

Advantages of Selling Properties Online

Marketing real estate onlineSelling properties is not an easy task. But, with the help of current technology,  the selling process becomes fairly easy.  Home buyers now use the internet to find properties online as it saves time and they can learn and research the market and neighborhoods they are interested to live in.

It is reported that 90% of the home buyers use the internet as the main source to find homes for sale.

The internet is where you can come into contact with prospective home buyers and sellers. Some of the benefits of selling properties online through a real estate website are:

It is Cost Effective

The internet and technology have resulted in online marketing to become better,  affordable and cheaper as compared to traditional marketing like placing ads in magazines,  newspapers,  television,  pamphlets,  etc.  Your website allows you to show property listings 24/7.

Vancouver HomelistLess Effort Required To Sell Property Online

You can organize your online selling process by putting property descriptions with photographs, or use video tour to showcase your properties. The most powerful online marketing is through the MLS System and other agents’ Reciprocity websites.

Local Audience

You can design your website only for a particular city,  state,  country and language.  Your website and social media allow you great flexibility in sending out marketing messages tailored to your audience. Marketing online is getting your brand recognized and allowing online visitors to use your website to find homes for sale.

Visual Media

Property listings that have well taken images (6 to 20) or video tour for your listings are viewed more than listings with three images or less. A well written description together with many well taken images of your properties can better illustrate the home you are selling.

Online Tour through Videos

Customers love to watch real estate videos.  A video has more impact than photos as buyers can relate better when the video shows the interiors,  entrance,  outdoor features, etc.  A video with carefully chosen  ‘key words’ can help to boost your videos to rank on the top of Google search.

Increases Your Social Visibility

Social media sites like Facebook,  Google +,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Pineterest etc.  are great to share your real estate knowledge, market updates, ideas and tips related to real estate in your area. It helps to place you in front of your prospective home buyers and sellers.

If you need any help with creating a real estate website,  ABL Homelist is here to help you.

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